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How Embedded Email Trackers Are Being Used to Power Human Attacks
These trackers are exposing your employees to highly personalized human layer attacks by broadcasting meta-data about your humans email engagement including physical location, device fingerprints, and social communication patterns. Because these emails do not have a payload, they are getting through your existing email gateways.

Threats of Spymail

Proprietary information leaked

Every time a Spymail is opened or forwarded, the embedded code relays back proprietary information about the recipient’s systems, network, and email behavior

Fraudsters can pose as company leaders by analyzing their email behavior and systems information

In 2016, companies including Advanced Auto Parts and Snapchat fell victim to fraudsters posing as company leaders. These fraudsters pilfered employee W-2s and used them to file fraudulent tax returns. Read More

Opposition lawyers tracking how often you talk to your legal team can gain negotiation advantage

How often a settlement deal is discussed can reveal your interest in the deal, giving the opposing party negotiation and litigation advantages. A DuPage County judge ordered prosecutors in Geraci v. Macey case to pay $100,000 for including spyware in emails they sent to the defendants’ lawyers. Read More

Employee location compromised

Spymail senders can pin-point the city and approximate geolocation of the recipients by analyzing the system, browser and network information. This puts your employees and clients at risk of physical and cyberattacks

Your traveling employees are vulnerable to kidnapping and spear phishing

Executives on the road domestically or in foreign cities with volatile political climates have been targeted for spear phishing and actual abductions. Read More

Your confidential imminent deals can be tracked for market advantage

Hedge funds tracked the location of Johnson & Johnson’s corporate jet to accurately predict an imminent merger & acquisition deal. Read More

Attack surfaces exposed

Key systems information, including device type, OS version, browser version, and IP address, gets logged every time a Spymail is opened. This reveals system vulnerabilities, leaving your enterprise IT open to cyberattacks

Knowing version vulnerabilities, hackers can tailor cyberattacks for your IT systems

In 2015, a Spymail-led spear phishing cyberattack occurred in Ukraine when hackers left over 230,000 residents without power after taking down three power distribution centers. Read More

Your legal/banking consultants can be targeted to identify other enterprise targets

In 2015, Cravath, Swaine & Moore and Weil, Gotshal & Manges confirmed that their IT systems were breached by cybercriminals trying to obtain information about their clientele. Read More

GDPR norms violated

From May 28th, 2018, firms based in the EU or doing business with EU citizens will be penalized as per the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) for any tracking emails sent out by individuals on their network

You can be fined for the tracking code that some software add to your outbound emails

Several business software used for marketing, project management, and customer relationship management automatically add tracking codes to all your outbound emails, which might violate GDPR compliance norms. Read More

You are liable for your employees sending out tracker emails to individuals/companies

In the case of some of MessageControl’s clients, it was discovered that several employees were sending out tracker emails to competitors and other individuals without the management’s knowledge. Read More

A patent lawyer's first encounter with email trackers

“Email is so critical to so many of us, we should be able to use it without worrying about being spied upon. MessageControl provides that peace of mind.” Chad Gilles

Read how MessageControl protects a US Top 10 law firm from email trackers

Humans Are Your Last Line Of Defense Against Identity Attacks

It’s easy for cybercriminals to target your employees when they have access to the data leaking from embedded email trackers. Stopping Spymail is the first step to protecting your humans, the second step is leveraging your employees with the power of artificial intelligence to reveal the hidden risks of each communication.