Our Enterprise Privacy Shield™ is the only reliable solution in the market

Enterprise Privacy Shield™ protects your enterprise
data by sanitizing all emails in your inbox


Threats Neutralized


Accounts Protected

Client communications

Tracking of email forwards to/from your clients and legal teams is disabled, preserving confidentiality of all communications

Employee location

Leaking of your employees’ location is plugged, protecting them from cyber- and physical attacks, especially when they are traveling

Systems information

Snooping of metadata about your operating system and browser is blocked, protecting your systems from future cyber-attacks

benefits of the
enterprise privacy shield™

Universal Protection

Users are protected across all devices, email apps and web browsers

Enterprise Encryption

All enterprise data is protected by AES-256 encryption and sensitive information is never stored

Security Reporting

Detailed risk reports are generated for your information security teams

Futureproof Protection

Any new tracking tool is disarmed by an additive layer of signatureless protection

Regulatory Compliance

Outbound emails are also cleansed of tracking codes, ensuring GDPR compliance

Optional Whitelisting

Users can whitelist domains from which they are willing to receive tracking code

We can integrate with your existing email client both on-premise and on-cloud

Company-wide installation of our product takes only a few minutes with no action required from the end users. Once integrated with your email client, it retains full HTML experience of the client and does not affect the end users’ behavior in any way.

On Premise

On Cloud

A patent lawyer's first encounter with spymail

“Email is so critical to so many of us, we should be able to use it without worrying about being spied upon. Mailcontrol provides that peace of mind.” Chad Giles

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