Harness the protection and power of
MessageControl's artificial intelligence
to stop social engineering and
human identity attacks.

MessageControl protects your enterprise
with three powerful solutions:


Threats Neutralized


Accounts Protected


Reveal the hidden risks inside email communications so employees recognize and avert identity attacks.


The only reliable solution on the market to stop embedded email trackers leaking your confidential data.


Protect against misaddressed emails leaving your organization.

Benefits of MessageControl

Universal Protection

Users are protected across all devices, email apps, and web browsers. No client plugins required.

Enterprise Encryption

All enterprise data is protected by AES-256 encryption and sensitive information is never stored

Security Reporting

Detailed risk reports are generated for your information security teams

No MX Record Change

Install is simple and complements your existing gateway

User Reporting

Empowers employees to protect themselves and others from dangerous emails

Regulatory Compliance

Keeps your company in GDPR compliance related to pixel tracking as well as mitigating DLP with misaddressed emails

We can integrate with your existing email client both on-premise and on-cloud

Company-wide installation of our product takes only a few minutes with no action required from the end users. Once integrated, your email client retains a full HTML experience and does not affect the end users’ behavior in any way.

On Premise

On Cloud